Why We're Building Cogsy To Empower Retail Brands

December 3, 2021
1 minute

On this episode of The Checkout, go behind the scenes of founding Cogsy—and what inspired its CEO Adii Pienaar about the retail operations space.

Every few episodes of The Checkout, we plan to give you a behind-the-scenes look at building Cogsy. This is the first episode of that kind, and we start with the Cogsy origin story—straight from Cogsy co-founder and CEO Adii Pienaar.

Adii goes into how we plan to empower retail brands. Plus, why we approach commerce with a strong focus on operations and where we plan on taking the product in the future.

Spoiler: The focus is always on operational excellence.

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • Where the name "Cogsy" comes from.
  • Reverse engineering operational processes to help smaller brands.
  • How Adii envisions empowering retail brands through the product.
  • Why we're now entering the third wave of e-commerce.
  • If we're building an inventory management system or not? Adii shares his thoughts on the matter.
  • Reporting and insights vs. taking actions and making decisions.

And throughout the conversation, Adii is in the hot seat. Meanwhile, Cogsy Head of Marketing Marcella Chamorro interrogates why he chose to create Cogsy after wrapping up his work on CM Commerce.

Connect with Adii Pienaar and the Cogsy team

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