Predictable inventory management for
Shopify merchants & Amazon sellers

Stockouts cost retailers ~$1T every year. With Cogsy, never go out of stock, generate 40% more revenue, and save 20+ hours a week managing your inventory.
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Retailers generate 40% more revenue and save 20+ hours a week with Cogsy.

Updating time-consuming spreadsheets

Manually updated spreadsheets are hard to keep up-to-date and take up your team's time. Spreadsheets are prone to human error, costing the business money. Your purchasing becomes reactive, instead of proactive.

Guessing your orders

You have little visibility into when products will go out of stock. Without clarity into past sales, you lack accuracy in forecasting future demand. Purchasing too much of unneeded products ties up capital that could be used to grow your business.

Missing out on revenue

If you don't sell on backorder, customers can't buy items they want. Negative customer experiences hurt brand loyalty. You miss out on revenue that could be used to help grow your business.


Manually updated spreadsheets are hard to keep up-to-date and take up your team's time. Spreadsheets are one to human error, costing the business money.

Stop guessing

Manually updated spreadsheets are hard to keep up-to-date and take up your team's time. Spreadsheets are one to human error, costing the business money.

Missing revenue

Manually updated spreadsheets are hard to keep up-to-date and take up your team's time. Spreadsheets are one to human error, costing the business money.

Cogsy feels like magic and saves hours of work.

Katya Lotzof
Operations Manager @ Caraway

Proactive sales prediction

Cogsy replaces spreadsheets by automatically forecasting your sales so you know what to expect and can prepare accordingly.
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Inventory intelligence

Take the guesswork and self-doubt out of your inventory planning. The days of manually updating spreadsheets are long gone.

Keep your inventory updated in real-time and automatically create recommended purchase orders long before you run out.
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Sell on backorder

Let your customers buy items even when you're not in stock.

Cogsy will help set expectations by displaying the expected shipping date — on the product page, shopping cart and email receipt.
How backorders work

Don't take our word for it

See how Cogsy can help you generate 40% more revenue and save your team 20 hours a week.
“A total game changer in how our organization goes about our daily operations.”
— Mark, Head of Ops at Caraway

Don't take our word for it

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And there’s much more

Create your future growth plans

Create operational plans with agility and ease

Factor in your marketing events

Avoid going out of stock during sales

Never miss your reorder points

Make sure you have enough product to reach your revenue goals

Negotiate better terms with vendors

To lower your cost and increase your margins

Gain visibility
into your inventory needs

Plan your inventory for the next 12 months

Estimate demand
for new products

Launch new products with confidence

Convert demand
while you restock

Don’t miss out on revenue on your best-selling products

Billion-dollar DTC insights – yours free, every Friday

We were able to reduce down payments to our vendors by 50% and negotiate better terms for the upcoming year.

Who is Cogsy for?

In our work with forward-thinking brands like Caraway and Lalo, we're a proven good fit for DTC brands of a variety of verticals and selling in multiple channels. Feel free to chat to us to confirm you're a good fit for our platform.

Our platform is highly effective for...

Forward-thinking DTC brands looking to stay ahead of supply chain disruptions and keep their customers satisfied are a good fit.

  • If you struggle to stay in stock and lose out on massive amounts of revenue as a result, we've got you covered.
  • If you dream of bringing your marketing campaigns into your growth plans, you're a match.
  • If you have a hard time planning your inventory needs accurately, you're a candidate for our platform.
  • If you have a lot to lose when experiencing a stockout, we can help nearly immediately.
  • If your internal teams struggle to stay aligned, you're a great fit.
  • Our platform is designed to work for brands of all kinds selling on all kinds of channels—including their own ecommerce storefront, Amazon, retail stores, via wholesalers, and more.

Who's not a fit?

  • Brands that don't place many purchase orders each year.
  • Teams that don't have bandwith to improve their planning accuracy or optimize their operational playbook in the face of supply chain disruptions.
  • Large-scale companies that already have internally-built systems for planning.

Get to know Cogsy better

Frequently asked questions

Don't see your question? We'd love to chat – email the Cogsy team at

Yes, you can try Cogsy free for 14 days! Just request a demo to get set up and start your free trial. When those 2 weeks are up, your credit card on file will be charged.
There is no limit to your SKU count. You can sync as many SKUs as you want.
We have a strong set of integrations ready for you to take advantage of when you sign up. If you can’t find the integration you’re looking for, if you sign a year-long contract with us, we’ll build the integrations you need. Plus, you’ll also get to influence our roadmap of features, so we can work together to build the workflows that work best for your brand.
Not yet, at least. Our best customers tell us they wish they had onboarded with us before they experienced a very costly stockout.
If you sign a year-long contract with us, we’ll work closely with you to build out the features you need to improve your workflows.
That’s a fair point, but you want to grow, those spreadsheets won’t work at 2x, 5x or 10x scale. And we know you want to grow, right?
No, you are not locked in to a yearly commitment. We run on a monthly subscription. If you ever change your mind or have any doubts about your subscription, reach out to us and let us know your concerns.
What a great problem to have! As your business grows, we’ll update your pricing tier to the corresponding amount. We’ll also let you know as that happens.
You can pay by credit card, which will be charged each month. If you need other accommodations, reach out to our stellar team to get you set up.
Our team is here to walk you through any question you may have. Contact us and we’ll be in touch as soon as we can!


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