Predictable inventory management for
Shopify merchants & Amazon sellers

Stockouts cost retailers ~$1T every year. With Cogsy, never go out of stock, generate 40% more revenue, and save 20+ hours a week managing your inventory.
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Generating 40% more revenue for DTC brands

Total visibility into your retail operations

Get a god-like view of your stock levels, replenishment needs, incoming purchase orders, upcoming marketing promotions, and more. All in 1 place.
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Quickly diagnoses your brand's operational health with the actionable dashboard

20/20 foresight into your inventory needs

Sure, hindsight is 20/20. But with Cogsy, so is foresight. Forecast customer demand with pinpoint accuracy (up to 12 months out), so you can stock up accordingly.
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Visualize your inventory levels with the intuitive heat map

Expect the best; prepare for anything

The retail landscape changes in an instant. Map out your revenue goals (plus potential pitfalls). That way, you’re ready to pivot around whatever ops obstacles you run into.
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See at a glance what SKUs need to be replenished and generate a PO in just 1 click
Take control of your brand’s growth

Take control of your brand’s growth

Stockouts cost retailers ~$1T a year. Overstock, even more. With Cogsy, never stock out (or overstock) again. And rake in 40% more revenue as a result.
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Operate with 100% certainty

Create your future growth plans

Create operational plans with agility and ease

Factor in your marketing events

Avoid going out of stock during sales

Never miss your reorder points

Always have enough inventory to fulfill demand

Negotiate better terms with vendors

To lower your cost and increase your margins

Gain visibility
into your inventory needs

Plan your inventory for the next 12 months
(as a whole or split by location)

Estimate demand
for new products

Launch new products with confidence

Convert demand
while you restock

Don’t miss out on revenue on your best-selling products

Don't take our word for it

See how Cogsy can help you generate 40% more revenue and save your team 20 hours a week.
“A total game changer in how our organization goes about our daily operations.”
— Mark, Riskowitz, Head of Ops at Caraway

Reach your revenue goal

See how you can generate 40% more revenue and save 20+ hours a week with Cogsy.
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