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Make smarter inventory purchasing decisions

Cogsy helps DTC brands eliminate manual spreadsheets and guesswork to automatically order the right inventory at optimal levels and grow in the best way possible.

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Out of Stock and
In Control

In the past, the only way to avoid lost revenue was an "always in stock" strategy. Having stock of your best products is still Plan A. Cogsy creates Plan B though: keep selling effectively whilst on backorder and have the data to keep all stakeholders (from your growth team to your customers) in-the-loop and happy.

Get the data that fuels your growth

Move from manually, slow-to-update spreadsheets to a real-time platform that prioritises all of your products and calculates the data that matters. Quickly understand how much stock you need, how much is left and when you'll stock out or go on backorder next.

Proactive and agile ordering

Cogsy keeps your inventory updated in real-time and will automatically create recommended purchase orders for you long before you run out of stock. We'll even account for stock already in-transit or SKU's on backorder. Not even an unexpected flash sale will catch Cogsy sleeping.

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