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Make smarter inventory purchasing decisions

Cogsy helps DTC brands eliminate manual spreadsheets and guesswork to automatically order the right inventory at optimal levels and grow in the best way possible.

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Always have the right stock on hand

Stock-outs mean lost revenue. Not having your most popular products may result in new customers taking their spending - and their LTV - elsewhere. Cogsy forecasts the future demand for every SKU so that you have the right stock on hand to fuel your growth

Get the best ROI on your inventory

Cash is king. But when your cash gets stuck in inventory that sells slowly (or has become obsolete) you are limiting your growth potential. Cogsy will dynamically prioritise all of the SKU’s in your catalogue to reduce obsolete stock and slow movers, whilst promoting your best-performing products.

Proactive and agile purchase order

No more manually keeping multiple spreadsheets up-to-date. Cogsy keeps your inventory updated in real-time and will automatically create recommended purchase orders for you long before you run out of stock. Not even an unexpected flash sale will catch Cogsy sleeping.

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