The Simplest, Streamlined-iest Purchase Order Workflow

The Simplest, Streamlined-iest Purchase Order Workflow

… Just as it was imagined by Shopify brands.

Don’t get us wrong – we were big fans of our old purchase order workflow.

After all, we successfully adapted your dad’s PO process for the cloud. And we even figured out how to auto-fill POs in seconds. This radically sped up the purchasing process (saving Shopify merchants 20 hours a week on average).

But then we asked Shopify merchants (like yourself) to describe their ideal purchase order workflow…

And, well, what can we say? Meet the new (and wildly improved) PO workflow – just as you described it to us.

(Psst –  Adapt Naturals beta-tested this streamlined PO flow and said it “made [their] purchasing procedures faster, more efficient, and more accurate.” Just saying.)

Replenish locations, together

“The more locations I can cover with a single PO, the better my unit economics.”

Build purchase orders for a specific location, multiple locations, or holistically. (Spoiler: The power to split your POs into multiple shipments arrives shortly.)

Lean on restock recommendations

“I don’t care how the solution works, just that I can use it to make fast, accurate decisions.”

Get clear, data-backed suggestions for what to order (and how much). You can then accept these suggestions, use them as a guide, or ignore them – totally up to you.

Bulk-add SKUs

“I hate adding products to my purchase orders one at a time.”

Add everything you need to your next PO in just a few clicks. How? Simply “add all” at the top of your restock recommendations list or hand-select SKUs from your product catalog.

Accurately calculate landed costs

“I need to understand my COGS to know how much I can spend on acquisition.”

Accurately calculate your landed costs by factoring in any necessary adjustments (think: shipping costs). This gets you one step closer to tracking COGS on a per SKU and per vendor basis. So, you can start improving your contribution margins accordingly.

Track major milestones

“How can I track all of my open purchase orders?”

Get a bird’s eye view of where all your purchase orders stand – from draft to delivery. You can even dive down and get a granular view of who made what edit for added accountability.

Want to give the new workflow a whirl? The new and improved purchase order workflow is now available to all Cogsy merchants. Log in to start drafting your next PO today.

If you have any questions, drop us a line at – we’re happy to help.

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