How Cogsy’s Calm, People-First Workplace Triggers Culture Shock (The Good Kind)

February 18, 2022
1 minute

In this episode, we hold an internal conversation about all things people, including recruiting and onboarding processes. Plus, successful strategies to empower the team as it expands.

Keeping a company's founding values and culture is challenging, especially if the team is growing rapidly.

At Cogsy, we're intentional about conserving our founding values and culture as we add new people to the team. It can be difficult in a remote work setting—but not impossible. 

Tune into this episode of The Checkout to hear our Head of People, Bori Tóth, share her recruiting, selection, and onboarding approach. You'll walk through our unique day-to-day team practices for keeping Cogsy's culture alive. Plus, get our proven strategies for empowering your team as it grows.

Catch the conversation wherever you listen to podcasts (Apple, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more).

In this episode, we talk about:

  • What Cogsy’s leadership focuses on to foster its values and culture as it grows 
  • Why Cogsy’s new team members describe the experience as “culture shock”
  • The process of creating a clear framework for company culture
  • How you can empower team members to bring their best selves into work 
  • The importance of impactful work rather than the number of hours logged

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