VaynerX’s Arjun Rastogi On Balancing Marketing For Multiple Brands

Go behind the scenes of the world’s top marketing agency to see what it’s like to manage multiple brands simultaneously.

In this episode of The Checkout, we chat with Arjun Rastogi of VaynerX. Arjun is a DTC marketer who focuses on using a holistic approach to drive business growth for startup brands and small to midsize companies. Currently, Arjun simultaneously serves as the Head of Marketing of two different DTC brands, including AsWeMove, a men’s underwear brand and Deborah Pagani, a jewelry and hair accessory brand.

During our conversation, Arjun takes us behind the scenes to discuss the challenges of running two DTC brands at the same time.

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Arjun’s journey entering the DTC space
  • How to leverage team collaboration between marketing and operations
  • An inside look at Arjun’s biggest marketing challenges and how he has overcome them
  • Main SKU metrics you should be aware of from a marketing perspective
  • An overview of the process of new product launches at AsWeMove and Deborah Pagani

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