Treet’s Jake Disraeli On How Recommerce Unlocks Sustainable Growth

Discover how retail brands are reaching new customers (for a lot cheaper) by offering a resale option.

As more brands (and consumers) seek ways to become more sustainable, recommerce is the new trend to follow. This concept isn’t new, but it’s gaining traction in recent years, allowing brands to become more sustainable while positively impacting their bottom line.

In this episode of The Checkout, we chat with Jake Disraeli, co-founder and CEO of Treet, a company rethinking the retail resale market.

Treet is a software solution that helps fashion brands become more circular and control the secondhand market for their products by launching their own fully-branded peer-to-peer resale marketplace. And Treet makes it easy for brands to implement resale from an operational perspective.

Tune in to hear how recommerce empowers retail brands as consumers grow more interested in sustainability than ever before. Jake gives us an overview of the surging resale trend and how brands can fully benefit from it.

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • Empowering your brand through recommerce
  • A look into the revenue impact of a resale strategy
  • How recommerce contributes to sustainable business growth
  • The benefits of adopting resale during big sales of the year (e.g.: Black Friday)
  • Using recommerce to improve customer acquisition, customer loyalty, and customer LTV

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