Organifi’s Niels Tervoort On Easing The Growing Pains Of Fast-Growing Brands

Hear how the supplement company manages to meet increasing customer demand amid supply chain issues.

Meet Niels Tervoort, Director of Supply Chain at Organifi, a fast-growing plant-based superfoods company, and also co-founder of Dermazen, a skincare brand that has experienced skyrocketing revenue growth from the first day the new product launched.

In this episode of The Checkout, Niels takes us through his journey of solving operational growing pains. He gives us a quick glance at what it took to help Organifi scale and then we dive into how he took that experience into creating his own DTC brand, Dermazen.

Fast growth is a blessing but also an operational challenge. Fulfilling increasing customer demand in the midst of an uncertain supply chain was a true problem filled with life-long operational learnings for Niels and his team.

Tune in to our chat with Niels on how to solve operational growing pains.

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In this episode:

  • An overview of Organifi’s journey
  • Growing pains faced by Dermazen — and how they managed them
  • How better relationships with your suppliers can help you prevent stockouts
  • Leveraging transparent communication between marketing and operations efforts
  • Modern employee wellness trends and practices

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