Jones Road Beauty’s Cody Plofker On The Challenges Of Going Viral

Hear the operational problems that come with going viral, and how Bobbi Brown’s latest makeup venture overcomes them.

Meet Cody Plofker, Director of Ecommerce for Jones Road Beauty, a brand founded by the renowned makeup artist Bobbi Brown. Jones Road focuses on clean, strategic, and high-trade formulations.

In this episode of The Checkout, Cody takes us through his journey behind joining the team and his family at Jones Road. He gives us a backstage look at the biggest issues that arise after achieving what many brands look for — going viral on TikTok.

Tune in to our chat about the downside of astronomical growth in a fast-growing brand and some potential solutions for these challenges.

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • An overview of Jones Road Beauty’s origins and journey
  • An inside look at their biggest challenges and how they’ve overcome them
  • Different solutions for stockouts
  • What lies ahead for the brand
  • Why employee wellness is a growing concern among fast-growing brands

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