Govalo’s Kelly Vaughn And Rhian Beutler On Reducing CAC

Hear about the powerful role gift cards can play in your customer acquisition strategy.

Kelly Vaughn and Rhian Beutler are the co-founders of Govalo, a brand working on reinventing the digital gifting experience. Their Shopify plugin empowers brands to offer customized gift cards and for customers to send them directly to their intended recipient.

As two veterans of the Shopify ecosystem, Kelly and Rhian carry over two decades of combined experience. And when they saw early indicators of gift card resurgence, they joined forces to improve the way brands can leverage the asset.

Before Govalo, both Kelly and Rhian saw success with other Shopify-centric ventures. Kelly founded and scaled The Taproom, a Shopify Plus agency. And Rhian founded Ventovv, a successful Shopify app company.

In this exclusive interview, Kelly and Rhian break down how gift cards are a viable tool that every merchant should be taking advantage of right now. Plus, they outline how your brand can leverage this tool in your marketing and operational strategies to reap the biggest benefits.

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • The double dopamine hit customers get with gift cards
  • The shift toward a “buy now, shop later” mindset and how gift cards fit into it
  • How to win the customer acquisition (and retention) game through gift cards
  • The power of gift cards in your out-of-stock strategy
  • The hyper-effective gift card strategy that can replace dead-end web pages
  • An exciting sneak peek at Govalo’s exciting upcoming features

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