CRO Expert Mathias Schröder On Building High-Converting Ecommerce Sites

Walk through the proven strategies this conversion rate optimization expert uses to increase sales for DTC brands.

This week on The Checkout, we chat with Mathias Schröder, a leading expert on all things conversion optimization. He’s also currently building a DTC empire along with his family.

During our chat, Mathias shares his experiences in conversion optimization for his own DTC brands. We learn about his favorite data-driven experiments and his greatest learnings as a DTC operator, particularly when it comes to learning that his assumptions are usually wrong.

Tune in to our talk as Mathias walks us through his favorite strategies for high-converting online stores.

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • Mathias’ journey entering the DTC space
  • The immediate effects of building a community on social media
  • Tips for optimizing your store’s conversion rate
  • The #1 lesson he wishes he knew when he started his DTC journey
  • How optimizing repeatable experiments leads to revenue growth

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