Caraway’s Mark Riskowitz On The Ideal Tech Stack For Early-Stage DTC Brands

Discover which tools the Caraway relies on for their everyday operations.

This is the third time we have Mark on the podcast, and this chat is all about the systems that set up DTC ops teams for success.

Caraway is one of the fastest-growing DTC brands around today, selling high-quality, clean home goods that range from sets of pots and pans to table linens. And one of the reasons their success has scaled so well is because of the operational systems Mark set up before they launched their first SKU.

In this episode of The Checkout , Mark walks us through his recommendations for early-stage DTC brands—particularly around allowing flexibility for growth and cleanliness of operational data. At the tail end of the episode, you’ll catch Mark walk us through the difference between building a brand and building a business.

Listen in as Mark shares his best practices for how to set up an operational tech stack that allows for increased margins and scalable revenue growth.

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • An overview of Mark’s process when he first joined Caraway
  • An inside look at Caraway’s operational tech stack
  • His strategic recommendations for early-stage DTC brands
  • The difference between a brand and a business—and why it matters

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