Capabl’s Aaron Alpeter On Improving Your Fulfillment Center Relationships

Get tactical tips for keeping your fulfillment partners happy and improving your customer experience as a result.

In this episode of The Checkout podcast, we chat with Aaron Alpeter, founder of Izba, a group that brings proven operator expertise to startups on a fractional basis so that founders can be more equity – and cash – efficient while focusing on other parts of their business.

Aaron is also the founder of Capabl, a tool that helps brands get the most out of their fulfillment partners.

Before starting Izba and Capabl, Aaron completed Unilever’s prestigious Supply Chain Management Program, where he spent 5 years gaining direct experience working in planning, manufacturing, international logistics, and continuous improvement. He’s also worked with brands like MIRROR, Hubble Contacts, and more.

In this exclusive interview, Aaron chats with us about the important role that fulfillment centers play in DTC brands’ operations. We explore the benefits of improving relationships with fulfillment partners and their impact on customer satisfaction.

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • Increasing customer satisfaction through better relationships with your fulfillment center
  • Optimizing operations based on flexibility vs. cost
  • How leveraging automation tools can get you through today’s supply chain challenges
  • A look at the impact of consumer fluidity on brands
  • The downstream effects of preventing operational issues instead of just patching holes

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