Alpaca VC’s Aubrie Pagano Talks Building Supply Chain Resilience

Walk through actionable strategies and tools you can use to solve some of today’s biggest supply chain challenges.

In this episode of The Checkout, we chat with Aubrie Pagano, General Partner at Alpaca VC, a New York based firm. The Alpaca VC fund, led by a diverse team of company builders, invests in technology that powers commerce in the physical and digital worlds. Before Alpaca, Aubrie built and sold her own DTC apparel and gifting brand, Bow & Drape. During this time, she experienced all the ups and downs of creating her own DTC brand.

Cogsy’s CEO, Adii Pienaar, sits with Aubrie to discuss all-things DTC supply chain. In this conversation, she walks us through actionable strategies and tools DTC brands can leverage to solve some of today’s supply chain challenges.

Last but not least, this is an exciting episode as Aubrie is the first Cogsy investor to join us on The Checkout.

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • The driver for Aubrie’s passion for all things supply chain
  • What brands can do to become more proactive vs. reactive
  • The impact of real-time online data visibility on brands
  • Pros and cons of establishing global sales channels and fulfillment routes
  • Aubrie’s top tips to navigate the current supply chain environment
  • Steps brands should take to ride out the current macroeconomic environment

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