Drew Fallon Of Mad Rabbit: Startups' Journeys After Landing Shark Tank Deals

July 7, 2022
1 minute

Drew Fallon, COO of Mad Rabbit, a tattoo aftercare product company, shares their journey and most recent challenges as they work to reinvent the tattoo care space.

Did you know that 40% of the US population has a tattoo? The founders of Mad Rabbit, 2 friends with a passion for ink, were clear about this. And after experiencing the commonly recommended poor tattoo aftercare practices, they decided to take action. 

In this episode of The Checkout, we chat with Drew Fallon, COO of Mad Rabbit, a tattoo aftercare product company revolutionizing the space. Its founders saw an opportunity to create a superior natural solution for the tattoo healing process and were able to share their story and close a deal on Shark Tank in March 2021. 

From body wash, soothing gels, balms, lotions, and more, Mad Rabbit is committed to reinventing the tattoo care space with high-quality, reliable products. 

Listen in as Drew shares Mad Rabbit’s journey and how they’ve faced their most recent challenges.

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • An overview of Mad Rabbit’s origins and journey
  • An inside look at TikTok’s role in Mad Rabbit’s marketing strategy 
  • How Mad Rabbit has used storytelling as a differentiator 
  • How brands can weave social media throughout their customer’s journey
  • Their #1 strategy for staying in touch with their customers

Connect with Drew and the team at Mad Rabbit:

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