Kristen LaFrance: Embracing The New Golden Era Of Commerce

January 25, 2022
1 minute

In this episode of The Checkout, customer retention expert Kristen LaFrance breaks down how DTC brands can pull ahead as commerce shifts to be more customer-centric. 

Kristen LaFrance is earning the right to call herself the customer retention expert in the direct-to-consumer (DTC) space. Today, she's the Mayor of DTC Twitter and the Director of Community at Repeat. But her work has appeared on Privy, Honest eCommerce, Modern Retail, among many others.

And in her years of experience, one DTC truth continues to ring true: great customer experiences naturally lead to customer retention. That's why she's a huge advocate for people before metrics. Meaning, brands should treat their customers as unique human beings with goals, dreams, and desires, not just another consumer (because that's who they are).

In this episode of The Checkout, Kristen breaks down her "direct-to-people" philosophy. Plus, she outlines ways companies can objectively implement this model without sacrificing sustainability.

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • Moving from DTC mindset to direct-to-people (DTP) approach
  • Building brand identity and a loyal customer base without sacrificing the bottom line
  • The shift in consumer demand for brands with clear values
  • Examples of top brands that practice a DTP approach
  • How customer retention feeds into a brand's operational goals
  • Early indicators that we're entering a golden era of commerce and who will come out on top

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