Huron: How Vulnerability Makes Your Brand Stronger

March 4, 2022
1 minute

In this article:

Matt Mullenax, co-founder of Huron, reveals how to build a successful business using a customer-first strategy that ensures high customer satisfaction.

In this episode of The Checkout, we sit with Matt Mullenax, co-founder of Huron, a brand dedicated to helping men by offering high-quality personal care products at affordable prices.

In 2019, Huron's co-founders Matt M. and Matt T. teamed up to build a best-in-class product, knowing their complementary skills would help them reach their business goals. Matt M. had an up-close-and-personal understanding of the ineffective men’s skincare products available on the market after experiencing severely bad skin growing up and into his professional life. His co-founder, Matt Teri, had 20+ years of experience in product development for the world's biggest brands, including The Estee Lauder Company, Tom Ford, and Lab Series

In this exclusive interview, Matt Mullenax reveals how to build a successful business using a customer-first strategy. And how this has allowed them to create a show-stopping product experience that ensures high customer satisfaction.

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In this episode, we talk about:

  • The “finish line first” mentality he focuses on to grow Huron’s bottom line
  • Pros & cons of focusing on acquisition vs. post-purchase CX
  • Huron's #1 strategy to winning customers' trust 
  • How brand humanization can make consumers gravitate toward your brand

Connect with Matt Mullenax and the Huron team:

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