Add Clarity To Your Amazon Data With Cogsy

Add Clarity To Your Amazon Data With Cogsy

Meet the new Cogsy + Amazon integration.

Finally get clear on exactly what’s happening with your DTC brand’s Amazon channel, and reach your revenue goals. How? By quickly syncing your inventory data to Cogsy with our all-new Amazon integration.

Introducing the Cogsy + Amazon integration

Amazon released a blowout quarterly report in Q1 2022. One that expanded its market cap by ~$190B.

This ceiling-shattering quarter coincided with nearly 90% of companies facing extraordinary cost increases due to supply constraints. And Amazon apparently identifies with this majority, saying they “can’t keep absorbing those costs.”

So, to ensure their company keeps growing, they’re imposing a 5% fee on 3rd-party sellers who use its shipment and storage services. That means they’re passing those costs on to you!

Luckily, you can keep what you pay for Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) services down with Cogsy’s all-new Amazon integration.

With this free integration, Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM) and Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) sellers can start building more accurate inventory forecasts.

That way, you not only stock what will actually sell (and sell fast), but avoid racking up unnecessary operational costs (like overage fees or holding costs). Thus, maximizing your Amazon profit margins.

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How does the integration work?

The Cogsy + Amazon integration was built to make it stupidly easy to manage inventory on the world’s largest ecommerce marketplace by:

  • Monitoring your stock levels in real-time across warehousing locations
  • Forecasting demand with pinpoint accuracy (up to 12 months out)
  • Reminding you when it’s time to restock, so you can avoid a stockout
  • Streamlining the Amazon purchase order workflow
  • Recommending what to order and how much based on your Amazon restock limits
  • Track shipments to, from, and between Amazon fulfillment centers
  • The option to sell on backorder if a stockout occurs

How to connect the Cogsy + Amazon integration

To set up the Cogsy + Amazon integration:

  1. Visit the Settings page inside your Cogsy account
  2. Click Integrations
  3. Click + Add Integration
  4. Select Amazon from the dropdown list
  5. Confirm your Shopify store, then click Connect

Once synced, your Cogsy forecast and inventory replenishment needs will automatically reflect your Amazon inventory and sales data.

Who can use the Cogsy + Amazon integration?

The Amazon integration is live and available to all Cogsy merchants. If you need any help syncing your Amazon data into your Cogsy account, drop us a line at

Don’t use Cogsy yet? No worries— try Cogsy free for 14 days to see how you can get more clarity from your Amazon data.