Centralize How You Manage Inventory Across Locations

Centralize How You Manage Inventory Across Locations

What’s the fastest way to ship your inventory to Timbuktu? What about the cheapest? Cogsy’s latest feature’s got your answer.

Retail doesn’t happen on just 1 channel anymore. Now, brands sell everything in their inventory, seemingly everywhere, all at once. And managing the inventory to make that happen? It’s messy.

To support you in this endeavor, Shopify’s launched Shopify Markets to calculate duties and taxes payable, making it easier to sell internationally.

But this feature doesn’t prevent stockouts, get products to customers radically faster, or save you tons of money. (Unless you consistently run into serious compliance issues, that is.)

Likewise, Amazon’s willing to pick, pack, and ship your orders (no matter where they’re going) with Fulfillment by Amazon. But they only offer FBA for orders sold on their platform. (Again, you’re responsible for keeping their warehouses fully stocked.)

Anything you sell through other channels… Welp, you need a whole different inventory location and your own fulfillment team for that – which you have to manage yourself.

Sure, you could always outsource your fulfillment via a 3rd-party provider like ShipBob (thousands of retail brands happily do). But even a 3PL can’t ensure you’re adequately stocked to keep efficiency up and costs down.

That’s where Cogsy’s new multi-location support comes in.

🔥Tip: Cogsy seamlessly integrates with Shopify, Amazon, and ShipBob to provide real-time visibility into your sales and stock levels. Best part? More visibility means more control.

Meet the new multi-location support

With the all-new multi-location support feature, get a granular view of your inventory levels, replenishment needs, and forecasted demand on a location-specific basis. All without leaving the Cogsy app.

That way, you can ensure you have the right stock at the right location at the right time, so you can always meet customer demand.

Here’s what else it’s good for:

Visualize your inventory by location

Question: How much of your bestseller do you currently have stocked at your least-picked fulfillment center? No stress if you don’t have the answer memorized.

Cogsy’s new multi-location feature surfaces this answer in real-time. With it, quickly see how much of each SKU you have available (as a whole or split by location). All in 1 place.

You can even filter by an individual warehouse to spot-check each location’s inventory health. That way, you can side-step expensive inventory mishaps (like stockouts and dead stock) before they wreck your profit margins.

Avoid stockouts (and overstock) at individual warehouses

Not all your warehouses need the same restock quantities. They also don’t need to be replenished at the same time. (Your job would be a lot easier if they did.)

Luckily, multi-location support forecasts inventory needs by individual warehouses, so you can confidently prevent stockouts (or overstock) at any of your inventory locations.

When it’s time to restock, you’ll even see at-a-glance:

  • What SKUs need to be replenished
  • How much of each you should order
  • When to place that purchase order
  • Where to send that inventory

🔥 Tip: Adding a new sales channel or stock location soon? Cogsy can ensure you don’t over-extend on any 1 channel by accurately forecasting your inventory needs at that new location.

Track in-transit inventory

But what if you’re not understocked but overstocked at a few warehouses?

No worries – Cogsy can help identify which locations are running low (what SKUs and by how much). That way, you know what to transfer between locations. And you’re not stuck purchasing more inventory when you already have enough.

🔥 Tip: Cogsy tracks shipments moving to, from, and between Amazon fulfillment centers. That way, you can track in-transit inventory and prevent phantom inventory.

Better unit economics

What’s the fastest way to ship to Timbuktu? What about the cheapest way? (No, this isn’t the setup for a bad joke.)

It’s from your closest warehouse. Assuming you have the inventory you need at that location, of course.

If not, the answer gets a little complicated. But you no longer have to worry about those complications!

Cogsy helps you avoid excess inventory and stockouts at individual locations. Meaning, you don’t have to choose between missing out on sales or fulfilling that same order from a further (AKA, costlier) fulfillment center.

You also don’t have to pay exorbitant amounts on holding costs “just in case” it’s best to fulfill from this location instead of that one.

As a result, you enjoy better unit economics and higher profit margins.

Sell confidently, wherever you sell

No software solution can fix your order lead times or unexpected delays from your supplier (we’re the 1st to admit that).

But Cogsy’s new multi-location support functionality can give you total inventory visibility. That way, you can sell confidently (and ensure you make a profit) wherever you sell.

Multi-location support is available to all Cogsy merchants and ready to use in your accounts. If you need help getting started, drop us a line at help@cogsy.com – we’d love to chat with you.

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