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Cogsy + Smartrr


Never fail to fulfill your subscription orders with Cogsy and Smartrr.

  • Included in: all Cogsy plans
  • Developed by: Cogsy

Generating 40% more revenue for DTC brands

Have enough stock for everyone

Maintain optimal inventory levels, so you can easily fulfill all the one-off and subscription orders that come your way. No overstocking involved.

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Squeeze <strong>more ROI</strong> from your inventory

Squeeze more ROI from your inventory

Squeeze <strong>more ROI</strong> from your inventory

Is selling out inevitable? Know how much stock to set aside for subscribers. That way, you can fulfill your most loyal customers’ orders first.

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Keep subscribers, well, subscribed

Fulfilling subscriptions as promised means less churn and more customer loyalty. AKA, that recurring revenue just keeps on coming.

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“Cogsy has helped us tremendously in forecasting and managing inventory! Highly recommend.”

Bethany Peterson, COO at FlutterHabit
Bethany Peterson COO at FlutterHabit
40% more revenue
20h a week saving
on average

How to connect Cogsy and Smartrr

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What is

Smartrr is a subscription management tool for Shopify brands. With it, brands get a branded subscriber account experience, seamless recurring checkout, and flexible subscription management options.

Use Smartrr to increase customer retention and 5x your subscriber’s lifetime value.

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