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Cogsy + Flexe


Future-proof your supply chain with Cogsy and Flexe.

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Generating 40% more revenue for DTC brands

Quit guessing what your data's saying

Feed Cogsy your Flexe data. In return, you’ll get digestible strategies to free up capital and unlock new growth.

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<strong>Get ahead </strong>of supply chain pitfalls

Get ahead of supply chain pitfalls

<strong>Get ahead </strong>of supply chain pitfalls

Forecast demand holistically or by location (up to 12 months out) with pinpoint accuracy. That way, you can stock up accordingly.

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Always order the right amount

Whenever you’re running low (at any of your warehouses), get a friendly reminder to restock – plus, recommendations on how much to order.

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Stop stockouts from costing you

Stop stockouts from costing you money

Stop stockouts from costing you

Keep sales coming in, even if you go out of stock. How? By seamlessly switching to a backorder model the second you sell out.

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“Cogsy is the hub and real-time source of truth for our operational data. We're now able to plan for each upcoming quarter with more clarity and accuracy.

Greg Davidson, CEO of Lalo
Greg Davidson CEO of Lalo
40% more revenue
20h a week saving
on average

How to connect Cogsy and Flexe

Don’t use Cogsy yet? Try free Don’t use Cogsy yet? Try free Don’t use Cogsy yet? Try free Don’t use Cogsy yet? Try free Don’t use Cogsy yet? Try free

What is

Flexe is the omnichannel logistic platform powering Fortune 500 retail brands. The program connects merchants to one of the largest distribution and fulfillment partner networks.

Use it to offer customers faster, more accurate delivery options at scale.

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