Playboy Targets Gen Z With New Valentine’s Day Lingerie Line

Playboy Targets Gen Z With New Valentine’s Day Lingerie Line

But is it enough to win over retail’s most confusing consumer demographic to date?

Playboy proves sex sells – a universal truth that transcends generations. But like most retailers, the provocateur’s sexed-up products struggle to please Gen Z

The company reports growing interest from the reputably hard-to-please generation. But to satiate this demand, the brand must reinvent itself beyond racy centerfolds. That’s where its Valentine’s Day lingerie line fits in. 

Launched in January, the limited edition drop comes soon after the brand’s official repositioning from “Entertainment for Men” to “Pleasure for All.” 

Inspired by Playboy magazine’s iconic Pamela Anderson cover (circa February 1991), the line comes adorned with lace and hearts galore. 

To keep it from feeling outdated, each product is designed to be more “proactive” – embracing the trend of wearing underwear as outerwear. But lingerie (even hyper-provocative lingerie targeted at the coming-to-age generation) is nothing new. 

After all, Parade and Shein have already solidified themselves as leaders in this category by offering a wide range of sizes and representing diversity

But unlike these competitors, Playboy aims to woo Gen Z by prioritizing fantasy without compromising inclusivity. 

Historically, Playboy magazine was a pioneer for media diversity and inclusivity. However, more recently, the media mogul lost this lead as the public argued about whom exactly the Playboy fantasy was reserved for.

Jason Mahler, VP of design at Playboy, is confident the company can correct this narrative, telling Retail Brew that “Pleasure for All” has always been the brand’s aim. “It’s less about trying to move away from an image. It’s more about moving towards a consumer.”

The VP of design explains that “so much about bridging the gap between fantasy and reality is kind of taking some of those iconic moments and realizing them in a 3-dimensional way. So, we kind of reinterpreted that core set and built a full lingerie [collection] around it.”

The collection’s (comparatively) low price point and extended sizing are some examples of how Playboy invites more people into this fantasy using the holiday lingerie line. A move that is likely to woo a few Gen Z consumers – at least for this Valentine’s Day.