Not All Of Your Products Are Equal

In your product catalogue, some of your products sell better than others. But you can’t just keep only your bestsellers, because that would mean reduced AOV’s due to a lack of cross- and up-selling opportunities.

What it should mean though is that you should smartly allocate your available capital to have the right amount of stock on hand for the right products. This starts with a clear understanding of how different products should be prioritised.

We created the Inventory Prioritization Matrix to give you a quick overview of how your existing products rank against each other and where you should be investing your capital.
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How The Investory Priorization
Matrix Helps You

Get a holistic overview of your bestsellers, slow-movers and everything in-between, by ranking every product based on its sales value and velocity.
Prioritise the necessary capital for your bestsellers to ensure that you never run out of stock for these products.
Identify other opportunities to increase product gross margins, increase sales speed, liquidate obsolete stock to reinvest that cash elsewhere in your business.

Quick Product Lookup

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Sales Product

Unit sales per month : 33514.3
Total unit sales : 10
Total revenue : 42171.7
Months of sales : 12

Setup Takes Only 5-Minutes

  • Grab A Copy Of Our Inventory Prioritisation Matrix (In Google Sheets).
  • Export Your Order Data From Shopify Or WooCommerce (Or Elsewhere).
  • Copy And Paste That Data Into Our Matrix.
  • We’ll Do The Math. You Do The Analysis And Take Action.
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