Yes, that's right — we're starting a podcast.

Selling direct to consumers can be hard. The retail landscape is in dire shape at the moment.

As the retail industry explodes in the current bull market, keeping products in stock is becoming more difficult as customers regain confidence after the pandemic downturn. Holiday shopping is expected to increase by 7-9% in 2021.

Layer on the difficulties in supply chain logistics created by the COVID-19 pandemic and retail businesses are struggling to manage the disruptions in their inventory. Brands are experiencing longer lead times and struggling to keep up with the change in their planning functions.

How do you even start planning when things are changing so quickly and so drastically?

We want to help.

"The Checkout" will be focused on building better DTC businesses through operational excellence.

Ever since I co-founded WooCommerce, I've noticed many retail brands struggle with the operations side of business: optimizing inventory levels, freeing up working capital, etc. The DTC teams I've connected with are hungry for help with all that.

On "The Checkout", we'll be interviewing top retail brands on how they have handled their more difficult operational situations and how they dodge disaster when it strikes. We'll also discuss how they're managing the more recent disruptions in the supply chain and what planning looks like for them amidst all this operational chaos.

Here at Cogsy, we believe the gateway to better DTC businesses is through optimizing operations — activities like inventory optimization, cleaning up your unit economics and more.

I look forward to passing along everything I've learned to empower you to optimize your retail business operations.

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Adii Pienaar
is a 3X Founder of Cogsy, Conversio & WooCommerce and Published Author.